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No Hardware, new will Apple WWDC 2016 bring?

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Is very little for the 2016 WWDC Keynote, the opening Keynote of the most important Developers Conference in the Apple world. and the truth is that for many it is one of the best presentations of Apple. Why?, because it is present where we teach those who will be the next operating systems, and best of all: is the day in which the can begin to test Beta versions of these new systems to test all the innovations that bring with them.

A Keynote in which can always have some other surprise at the Hardware level, and is that any have fallen mostly related to the Mac’s hardware news (in one of these Mac Pro was unveiled). But, what will happen on June 13?, so that as I had yesterday will not see what’s new at the Hardware level. It is that anything can happen is based on rumours published in American blogs specialized in the Apple brand, but everything suggests that Apple does not present innovations at the Hardware level in the 2016 WWDC Keynote… what we present?, after the jump I count of iOS 10 possible developments and possible macOS…

At these Keynote’s have it the prominence that have operating systems and iOS 10 together with the possible new macOS change (could be changed of name) deserve all the limelight… A new iOS, which could bring a redesign with new colors of interface, improvements to the notifications, there will be changes in status bar?. In addition to improvements in the photo app, and more than likely SDK Siri so that any developer can use technology in their applications, also spoken arrival of Siri to the Mac’s…

Apple Pay also will be starring with data about the new countries, will be the moment of Spain?, and more than likely micropayments through iMessage so can make small transfers to our contacts. All that in a Keynote that we will cover from the minute zero now iPad. Join us?

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