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Oceanhorn 2 shows their first catch; used engine Unreal 4

Oceanhorn 2When we are browsing the App Store and access the section of games, one of the titles that is always clearly visible is Oceanhorn, a game Zelda type that is there on merit. Oceanhorn arrived in the App Store in 2013 and we all know that it will soon be Oceanhorn 2, a title that has already confirmed that it will use the graphics engine Unreal 4 and that thanks to TouchArcade, we could already see its first screenshots.

He owner of the engine graphic that used the first version of Oceanhorn not les contributed it enough flexibility to add functions to greater speed, by what them developers of this great game is decided to to change of engine graphic to Unreal 4, what also them will allow greater flexibility at the time of carry it to more platforms, as can be PC or consoles.

Screenshots of Oceanhorn 2

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It first that called the attention to the see them catches of screen is that, when the title is released, will be before a game with some graphics spectacular to the height of many games of them consoles PS3 and Xbox 360, two consoles that not are of last generation but that, to the be of desktop, already offered very good graphics. And if the game already called our attention to see only the previous Gallery, even called it more compare previous catches with the first release of Oceanhorn.


Oceanhorn 2 will arrive with, say, a protagonist completely new, and sorry that dude when compare the clothing and even the hairstyle of them protagonists of them catches of both versions. What already have no doubt both is that it will come with a completely new story with secrets and unexpected turns, a great soundtrack and as articles, puzzles, fighting, heads and other typical RPG brushstrokes.

An of them news more important of Oceanhorn 2 with regard to objects is a weapon that fires projectiles magic that us will allow solve puzzles, attract enemies and launch spells directed. I don’t know you, but to me the possibility of solving puzzles shooting makes me think that this weapon will enable us to make small traps, although I could be wrong.

Certainly, although this type of games is can play perfectly in an iPhone or iPad, it best is to play them in a screen large with a remote control MFi, and this is something that already can do with the first version of Oceanhorn in the Apple TV 4, by what soon can do it with Knights of the Lost Realm, that thus is called Oceanhorn 2. Do you want to be able to enjoy the upcoming launch of Cornfox & Bros?

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