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Only the 3% of downloads from Super Mario Run is developed in purchasing real

Super Mario Run

Super Mario Run was another great fever, no doubt, has beaten the record of downloads in what to video games Mobile is concerned, not us fits doubt. But what is well clear, is that Nintendo used a technique somewhat “trickster” to reach those numbers and achieve all the popularity that the game is has won. As well know, when downloads the game only can play to three levels of form free, then searched of pass by box and pay nothing less that 9,99€ if like to unlock the game full. Seems to be that not is gold all that glitters and that Nintendo not is reaping large numbers in sales.

El Newzoo analyst team has been at work to give us these amazing figures, and is that pay €9,99 for a mobile game of these features is to think about it, and so it happened, many players think it is, so that 97% of them decide not to buy it.

Newzoo estimated that Super Mario Run has generated around $ 30 million in profits, suggesting that only three million users have bought the full game. This is only 3% of the 90 million downloads the game has gained in the iOS App Store

And that has not yet come to Android, mobile piracy market par excellence, which will begin flying the patched editions of the game. I think, in the first instance, to This is the real reason why Nintendo launched the video game “exclusively” for iOS. I, personally, am one of the players who paid €9,99, for a game which is currently uninstall it from my iPhone and my iPad and that medium-term generates an interest less than or equal to zero.

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