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Philips Hue app is updated with support for the iPad and 3D Touch


iOS 10 brought between many things it new app Home, an app that us brings the known as Home Kit, a kit of development thought for them manufacturers of gadgets of home automation can take advantage of all the features of them iDevices and do of these the center of control of all them devices connected that have in our House.

Philips is one of the manufacturers that has most taken advantage of all the possibilities for the Home Kit, and we must certainly emphasize the Philips Hue, a system of intelligent lighting that allows us to create lighting intelligent environments in our House, all thanks to the Home Kit of Apple and app Philips Hue. An app that is just of update for bring us, finally, the smulled port for the iPad, besides the support full of iOS 10 with the possibility of take advantage of the 3D Touch of them iPhone.


And say finally because many of you you will probably want to use your iPad’s, those devices that we use both in our home, as the device with which to control all devices or gadgets, connected to the Home Kit of Apple.

So then we told you that we have the guys at Philips in the log of the Philips Hue app update, version 2.6.0:

  • Added support for iPad
  • Implemented support for iOS 10 actions of the app via 3D Touch to more easily access our widgets
  • Improved the editing of the scenes, now able to edit the scenes default without the need for any image
  • Improved the stability of the app and have fixed some of the bugs found

The 3D Touch is certainly further improvement of Philips Hue app, and is this new way of interacting with our iPhone’s makes the choice of environments, or scenes, we want much faster. So you know, if you have in your House a system Philips Hue do not hesitate to update the app.

Philips Hue (AppStore Link)
Philips Hue

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