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Removes the icons with 3D Touch easily [Jailbreak] balloons

3D Apple Touch is no doubt one of the most relevant iPhone since his arrival, but unfortunately both the own Apple and the developers are unsure of develop as this incredible possibility deserves. But we have clear, Jailbreak that solve all problems or limitations that the Cupertino company operating system offers. Why will we want to introduce today this tweak that will allow delete icons balloons representing the notifications with a simple touch of the 3D Touch, providing an interesting ability to your iPhone that we know how does not include source.

This is one of the functions that we do not understand why does not include it Apple natively in the operating system, and is that it could be understood as the own raison d ‘ être for a capacity as it is the 3D Touch. This added feature will appear a new shortcut to the drop-down menu of icons, it will contain the text “Clear Badge Notifications”, which indeed will be the function that will allow us to eliminate balloon notifications that shows, i.e., put it to zero. This function is great for when we have maybe many balloon notifications for example in applications of news.

This tweak known as ClearBadges3DTouch10. It is not the first tweak that comes out in this regard, however, if that is the most functional we have found compatible with iOS 10. As it could not be otherwise, this package will be available free of charge in the BigBoss repository, the most classic of Cydia and which comes installed natively to perform the Jailbreak. Definitely a great start for those who want to keep their clean notifications screen at all times.

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