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Setapp, the Netflix of applications for Mac now available

Content subscription models are getting very good results in recent years and this seems to have encouraged other sectors to try similar things. After the advent of services like Spotify for music, Netflix or HBO for movies and series, it’s now the turn of software for Mac with Setapp.

We have already spoken of this service a few weeks ago but now we have been able to test it thoroughly and we’d like to share with you our impressions on the service.


How does Setapp work?

Once we install the Setapp application on our Mac, we will have a new folder in which is contained all the software that offers the subscription service.

In addition, the application is operating continuously and communicating with servers of the service to let us know when there is a new version of any of the applications that you have installed or include any new through a desktop notification.

Carpeta de apps de Setapps

The folder that contains all Setapp software does not have full programs from the outset. Just shows the icons of the devices and if we wish we can install (and download them at the time) with a couple of clicks. In this way we can see all the software to which we have access but you will not occupying storage space on the hard drive of your Mac.

To open any of the applications contained in Setapp for the first time will show us a window with a description of the application, screenshots, the size you need disk, in addition to some author data. Finally, a button with text Open and that clicking it starts downloading the software and then runs it so that we can use it.

Ventana de información de app

All the applications that service are complete and integrate with our same Mac that would make it out Setapp versions. I.e., there are no differences between the versions selling developers on their own with which they included in this subscription service.

Does applications Setapp at this time?

Currently Setapp includes some 60 applications, although this number will change with the change, since service managers hope to continue including new programs.

The current list is as follows:


  • Base
  • CodeRunner
  • Simon
  • SIP
  • SQLPro Studio


  • Aeon Timeline
  • Alternote
  • Be Focused
  • Blogo
  • Cloud Outliner
  • Findings
  • Focused
  • GoodTask
  • HazeOver
  • Home Inventory
  • iThoughtsX
  • Lacona
  • Manuscripts
  • Marked
  • Pagico
  • Paste
  • PDF Squeezer
  • RapidWeaver
  • Studies
  • TaskPaper
  • Timing
  • Ulysses
  • Yummy FTP Pro


  • Downie
  • iFlicks
  • Swap


  • Archiver
  • ChronoSync Express
  • CleanMyMac
  • Folx
  • Gemini
  • Get Backup Pro
  • Gifox
  • iMazing
  • Remote Mouse
  • Renamer
  • Screens
  • Shimo
  • WiFi Explorer


  • Chronicle
  • Jump Desktop
  • MoneyWiz

Graphic design

  • Hype
  • Image2icon
  • Pixa


  • Polarr


  • Capto
  • My Wonderful Days
  • Disk Drill
  • Elmedia Player
  • iStat Menus
  • Numi
  • Squash
  • XMind
  • Forecast Bar
  • Flumeapp

As you can see in the list there are some applications well known and with a great reputation such as CleanMyMac, iStat Menu, Disk Drill, Paste, etc, etc… I.e. it is not unknown software or of low quality, but that we are talking about applications with thousands or millions of users around the world and that in some cases they have high prices or even operate under subscription model individually.

Is it worth it Setapp?

Setapp software subscription service is priced at $9.99 per month. It’s a pretty price taking into account the amount of applications that includes and that the idea is that they keep including more applications.

Algunas apps de Setapp

Even so, the answer about if is worth or worth or is not very complicated. Everything will depend on the type of user who we are and our needs in every day. Are there applications in the list that you would be useful? Do you get to account subscribe to access several applications at a set price or you would be best to buy them they actually go to use and forget about new payments?

Setapp just came out of private beta and is now available for all users. The service offers a free trial month and, once past, they will begin to collect monthly subscriptions.

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