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Smart Connector on the iPhone of 2017? So they say the latest rumors

Do not stop, day after day we have to come here to tell you what analysts, filter cloth and other wildlife decided to catapult to the networks. Per our duty it is to keep you fully informed, because who knows how may affect this type of content to the manufacture of the future iPhone of 2017. In short, today we bring developments in the respect of the features and extras that this iPhone that will break the barrier of 1,000 euros at the entrance will include. The last thing we have learned is that the possibility that the iPhone includes Smart Connector and Wireless charging is present.

These rumors are not so crazy, already discussed much about the Smart Connector with the arrival iPad Pro 12.9 inches, as well as the disappearance of the classic Jack of 3.5 mm on the iPhone 7. But first Let’s take a look at what the Smart Connector means in the Apple environment, it is as you well know, are the three dots the iPad Pro includes on one side and which allows to connect easily and quickly any kind of accessory, a physical but little intensive connection that is quite comfortable and that we do not understand what Apple has not decided to exploit more.

In short, The Verifier has been who has secured have privileged sources that ensure that you have the use of the Smart Connector by the Cupertino company in 2017 with the intention to iPhone take advantage of the inductive load of the same, as well as Add accessories to improve the performance of its augmented reality. Own CEO of Apple, Tim Cook, said on more than one occasion that the future of Apple software goes by the augmented reality, and certainly this iPhone of 2017, Special Edition by the tenth anniversary of its launch, could be the perfect showcase to show what they can do.

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