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Solutions for the iPhone or iPad WiFi does not work

Today we have a heavy dependence on mobile data and WiFi networks. Thank you to access Internet from our iPhone and when they fail is a very big problem.

In the case of data networks there is not much we can do, since rule failures are on the side of the phone operator and it is they who should fix it as soon as possible so we can continue making use of the services we have hired.

WiFi no funciona en iPhone

With networks WiFi also occurs the above, but also added another series of possible configuration problems on our devices or routers that often we can solve easily. In the following lines we want to talk about the most common problems that cause that our iPhone WiFi does not work and the solutions to these problems.

As I said, problems with WiFi in the iPhone tend to be configuration issues, i.e., software problems. Somehow this is a luck, since we ourselves can try to resolve them without recourse to third parties as it would happen in the event of a hardware failure (something that may also occur, but is much less common).

Quick fixes for when the iPhone WiFi does not work

The usual iPhone WiFi problems are slow or directly not connected to Internet. In both cases the solutions tend to be the same:

  • Turn off and turn on the WiFi device: the old trick of turning off and also are here. It is the first thing that we must try when a WiFi go slow or does not directly operate: turn off and turn on the WiFi on the device. Thus connection problems be solved if it is what was happening.
  • Restarting the iPhone: sometimes the software that controls the WiFi connectivity of the iPhone fails and may be necessary to restart certain processes. Since iOS not us allows control this process of way detailed, it only that can do is restart by full the iDevice.
  • Delete the WiFi network and reconfigure it: this tends to be the solution to the problems of slowness of WiFi connections. Usually this error occurs by changes of settings in the wireless network and that delete it and reconfigure it solves the problems. To do this we must Access settingsWi-Fi and touch the blue icon with the i that appears next to the network name. Once inside the network settings we touched on forget this network. After doing this we can reconnect us to it (will be required to enter the password again).

Fallo WiFi iPhone

  • Renew the DHCP lease: on rare occasions it may be that us connect to a network in which the DHCP server has not assigned us an IP correctly or has given us a duplicate (one that you are using another appliance, this may occur in networks with many devices and a DHCP server that is not powerful enough to manage this network). To solve this problem we can go to settingsWi-Fi, touch on the blue icon with the i and then touch on renew lease. The network will assign us a new IP, and if all goes well we can use WiFi without problem.
  • Reset network settings: is the most radical move of all, but also the last test before thinking about a hardware device error. From settingsGeneralresetreset network settings will delete all settings related to the WiFi network and our iPhone data and sometimes avoids that the WiFi does not work. More radical would be to make a complete the idevice restoration, although there isn’t a real reason to have to get to this point if we only have WiFi connectivity problems.

These are the solutions most common WiFi connectivity problems that may arise on an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

Other problems related to the WiFi network

Router WiFi

It is important to mention that these are mistakes that we can fix from the side of the device, but always we must bear in mind that the problem may be on the other side of the network, i.e. in the router or access point.

It more quickly to know if the problem is of our device or of the network is try with other devices. If in those other devices the network operates will know that is problem our, instead if in others nor works is likely that has a problem of network.

In case of problem of network can try to restart the router or point of access since in the most of occasions this solves the problem (there are other possible solutions connecting us to the administration of the router, but are much more technical and only should access if know what are doing). If even so still having problems of network, would have that consult with our operator of telephony, since the problem also could be in your part.

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