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SoundCloud is updated by Chromecast-compatible

Apple Music, Google Play Music, Spotify, Pandora… many music services streaming that today are struggling to get users to subscribe to their services. On the other hand, have platform like SoundCloud without many pretensions about achieving an end user level because it was conceived for another purpose: discover and enjoy music. This platform has achieved little artists have managed to get to create their own albums because people see their music and supports it. It also has services to see the statistics of the listeners and also monetizing your content. The application of SoundCloud for iOS updated becoming compatible with Chromecast, to listen to music on our television thanks to the Google gadget.

Listening to music on your TV thanks to SoundCloud and Chromecast

We are always updating SoundCloud to make the exciting discovery of new music faster and easier. In this version, we have added support for Chromecast, to bring the experience of listening to the big screen.

As a reminder, the possibility of listening to music by Chromecast and SoundCloud was already available, but in Android devices. Novelty, in this day, is the release of version 5.2.1 of the app in the App Store for iOS devices.

Although not specified in the description of the new version, the only requirement to make use of Chromecast on this service is to have a subscription to SoundCloud Go Pro whose prices are:

  • Go Pro: €6 per month (or € 55 per year)
  • Go Pro unlimited: €9 per month (or €99 per year)

Once we have this subscription can connect us to our Chromecast to play the music on the device that you have connected the Google gadget. Additionally, If several people have access to your account from SoundCloud, you can modify the list of playback that is sounding at the time. Perfect for a family day.

[app: 336353151]

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