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Spotify could soon offer music in high-resolution lossless

Spotify could be already testing new options for its music service in streaming that allows you to increase your profits on the one hand and by other differ from Apple Music, its most direct rival. Apple streaming service continues to grow and Spotify does not want to continue handing over land, which could begin to offer its users music in high-resolution, lossless, something which at the moment only offers Tidal and that would be a plus to not only get more customers but that some abandon free accounts and you will pass to a paid account. But this change could come with a different from the normal fee, obviously.

Spotify and Apple Music do not stop increasing its share of users, which shows that streaming music still has much room and has no why eat a service to each other, but they can live perfectly. But we must continue to improve and above all increasing revenues. Despite having a very wide user base, only a part of them pays for the service, and advertising for free accounts is not able to generate enough money as to make them profitable. A way to earn more money with each client would offer a Premium account with music without loss of quality, high resolution, with an estimated of €20 per month price. This figure is twice of what it now costs the normal account, and it is clear that Spotify will not cost twice broadcast music at high resolution, so it would make more money with each Premium account.

Normal or lossless music

What is the difference between “normal” music and lossless or high resolution music? That music occupies less space on your hard drive and so download it not suppose much expenditure of your data rate, compressed, and that means reducing the quality of the same. Them formats Hi-Res or without loss of quality offer the music “such which”, with greater quality to enjoy them in some headphones that course are able of transmit that sound. It has no sense to listen to music without losses in a few EarPods, even in some AirPods, nor has it listen to 128 kbps in headphones mp3 files “premium”.

But not only should also be taken into account, it is important to know that the high-resolution music is much bigger, reaching in the most extreme cases involve more than 60MB for every minute of audio. By an idea, Spotify now emits music at 320 kbps, and in this format one minute of audio usually occupy about 2 MB of space, 30 times less than the former. This difference when it comes to listening to music streaming using your data rate is more than relevant, as well as what your library downloaded on your smartphone to hear it can take offline.

With all these doubts about the success of this new service with a price that would be double the normal are already raised. But we are simply to a rumor that we do not know if it will come to become reality, when or at what price.

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