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Square is released by Apple Pay with a new device

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Apple Pay… The great unknown for many… but there are also many others who already use this technology in their daily lives. And is that to be able to forget some cards thank you have stored on the device that we carry every day in our pockets (or even on our wrist) is something of which we have many eager. Is there any news on the matter in the next keynote of the WWDC16?

Or not we have new news, must not forget that the own Tim Cook confirmed that Apple Pay would come to Spain in 2016Square is a company that has taken advantage of mobile devices into POS (the famous dataphones to perform financial transactions), with much cheaper alternatives to the committees that put banks. Next: a new compatible device with Apple Pay for only $1 a week…

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And it is that Square has just launched this new plan consisting of $11 for 60 weeks with all premium options of the device. A new payment plan which aims to get all those business rehacios to do with a new technology end up through the ring. Not only supports Apple Pay, it supports any card or device with NFCtechnology, and Classic cards with EMV chip. That Yes, at the moment only is available in United States, although in Spain already I could see one of the old Square devices.

As you say, it is not yet known when these new devices from Square to reach Spain, first obviously have to Apple Pay to reach our country, but it is certainly a great choice for those who have a business and need a POS for economic transactions. At the end even though launch Apple Pay in a country, they are also businesses that must begin to adapt to this new technology Contactless.

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