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Super Mario Run is updated by adding a new easy mode

Super Mario Run

Once has deflated the hype of the launch exclusively for iOS of Super Mario Run, a game that will come in March to the Android platform (we will see if with in-app purchase or with a single purchase of 9,99 euros), the Korean company took the opportunity to update your application by adding new options and game modes. Them guys of Nintendo have added a new model easy, where it removes the limit of time with bubbles unlimited. But in addition also added a new event. It is clear that the company wants to continue making this application than a month after its launch already is below 50 applications that more revenue generated in the App Store.

The new mode easy and the new event, in this update also has reduced the number of Toads that are lost in case of a defeat during the races, so it is easier to recruit them. It is also possible to receive several times the reward Toad My Nintendo so that it will be possible to get Toad again in the event that has had deleted the user’s data.

The company Japanese just of presenting their results annual, results that is has annoyed in detail if talk of Super Mario Run. According to the company, this game has been downloaded 78 million times since its launch last December 15 in the world. It also ensures that more than 5% of the users has made to unlock all the levels of the game by making use of the integrated purchase that is priced at 9.99 euros and that has raised many suspicions among users.

Without specifying the exact number or percentage of users who have made the purchase of the whole of the game, Nintendo ensures that it has income more than 53 million dollars by Super Mario Run since its launch. Makes some weeks, Nintendo launched a survey makes some weeks between their customers in which asked which had been the price ideal of the game, which have been them levels that more them have liked and if them would like that had a sequel. It is clear that the company is probing the market before its release on Android and before a possible second version of the game for iOS.

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