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How add music to the videos of Instagram Stories and Snapchat


Snapchat became fashionable the creation of ephemeral stories that disappear automatically 24 hours after being published and few months ago Instagram climbed also on the bandwagon. The idea original of this type of services is publish videos or photos that form a story along them 24 hours in which are …

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Instagram presents “Stories” to compete with Snapchat


Instagram has announced only a few hours in your own social network through your account a ago new functionality in their application which they have called “Stories”. This option is none other than to take a picture from the application itself, edit it with colors, emojis and others in the …

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New update of Snapchat us is enjoying, and much


Snapchat is the application that is getting the attention from around the world more than ever in recent times. Its dynamism and spontaneity have managed to go picking up more and more users every day, which is turning the platform into a powerful communication tool not only for individuals, but also …

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