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The best display on the market according to DisplayMate is the Samsung Galaxy S8

Whenever a new device brings to market, so the guys at iFixit as the DisplayMate made with them to start the respective testing to see both the different components and the quality of its screen, one of the aspects that most often referred to as the atencón. On 29 March, the guys at Samsung presented officially the new Galaxy S8 and S8 + devices without side edges with a few inches of 5.7 and 6.2 respectively. DisplayMate has already had the opportunity to take a unit and carried out a complete analysis of it obtaining the highest score so far.

According to DisplayMate, S8 screen is the most innovative and highest performance has offered since he began the Adventure Company, so the score obtained is A +, the maximum that can offer the company. The characteristics that have allowed Samsung to get this score include:

  • The maximum brightness on a smartphone with 1,020 nits
  • Native color gamut with 113% images moving DCI-P3 standard
  • 227 points of contrast in ambient light.
  • The resolution on a screen according to your size larger: 2960 × 1440
  • The percentage of variation in brightness depending on the angle of vision is 29%.
  • The response to reflexes is only 4.5%

In tests that Display Mate boys made the iPhone 7, it delivered results of 602 bits if we talk about the maximum brightness of the screen, a range of colours of a 4 k monitor, the contrast ratio is 1762 and reflexes percentage stands at 4.4%. IPad Pro with its anti-reflection layer gives us a much tighter percentage, 1.7%.

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