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The competitor of Amazon Echo, Google Home will cost $130


Since Amazon launched Echo, your smart device with which we can interact to place orders, view our calendar, play music… many are the manufacturers who are committed to launch a similar system. According to some rumors, Apple has already been a while working on a similar devices that would logically run with Siri, but at the moment we don’t have much information on the subject. That if we have more information is Google Home, a device introduced by Google in the last Conference for developers of the month of may, a device which will be officially presented on October 4 with the new range of smartphones Pixel, manufactured by HTC.

As we have read in Android Police, this device which would be managed by Google Now, the Google Wizard, would come to market priced at 129 dollars, 50 dollars cheaper than the Echo Amazon, managed by Alexa, the wizard of the giant’s sales over the internet. Google Home us allows make searches in internet, add tasks, play music, search information about films, products, series, objects… all this previously pronouncing the command Ok Google.

Google Home will also be able to synchronize with domotic devices that allow us to obtain a weather station that we have on the terrace of our House, reports on traffic, our home temperature controlled through thermostats Nest, raising and lowering blinds, ignite and turn off lights and much more. Within the Google Wizard, we will find Google Assistant new personal assistant to Google, which already debuted with the Allo application and who is learning as we are interacting with it.

Google Home really not offers nothing new that currently not is can make already with Amazon Echo, since the device from Amazon also is compatible with devices domestic to control our domicile. On 4 October we will leave doubts and will know if Google Home offers some interesting function that can do that you become an essential element in our home.

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