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The Escapists, a game that will catch you though its mission is that you exhaust

The Escapists

As you know, in Actualidad iPhone we like give us a good ride by the iOS App Store from time to time with the intention of finding the latest news, so we can bring them to you and you enjoy and send the canons of your iOS device. Thus, we have brought us a pleasant surprise with this game a huge success is becoming in its category. It goes without saying that unlike that on other occasions, today we will talk about a game that is not free, but when the game is worth, it is never more release some eurillos. We will then know The Escapists, a game that a success is resulting in the iOS App Store and going to tell why.

Perhaps the first thing that draws our attention in this game created by Team17 Software is its setting in 8Bits that find us so charming as pleasant. Do not seek Miss between spectacular graphics, they just want that you have you big playing and think much.

The Escapists is a prison experience in an open world, where you will find a variety of objects to make and combine in your mission for freedom. Prison life will put obstacles to your plans of escape with their strict rules… break the rules! The guards try to thwart any plan of escape, so you will have to avoid any suspicious behavior: seeks to introduce you to roll, get a job in the prison and hide the stolen created objects

As we have already said, the game cost 3.99 euros in the iOS App Store, however, so far has won no less than 4.5 star rating, it is not “mucus Turkey” taking into account the requirement of the buyers of the iOS environment. In short, you will not regret with this game of 310MB we tested and we loved.

The Escapists (AppStore Link)
The Escapists

Team17 Software Limited

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