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The Government of India is still pushing Apple to sell there

Seems to be that the Government of the India continues dissatisfied before all them winks that the company of Cupertino is doing with the intention of sell their products there. We don’t have a difficult for Apple to a market entry records, nor even a so grandiloquent economy such as China, put as many “legal” obstacles, that rather they seem to governmental whim than anything else. According to the last reports, Apple continues taking quite difficult camping to their wide in one of them countries more villages of the world, where it inequality economic and social not seems so relevant as them lyrics Silkscreened in them devices mobile.

According to the latest information coming from ET Tech, the Indian Government is considering seriously allow Apple to open its factories in Exchange for better tax incentives and permissiveness in the manufacture thereof. Is clear that these factories plan to give work to a quantity important of people, that will receive a salary by your work and accordingly will encourage the economy of the country in general. The problem in the India is the same factor of employment spam and violation of human rights in this regard, which could become non-reciprocal favor, and only fatten the pockets of those who govern these factories.

The main problem lies in that Apple has that pay currently a 12.5% of taxes by each device that amount and band in the India, a tax for all that that is factory out of the country. In the headquarters of the country Indian, what aims to Apple is manufacture them devices for them users Indian and thus save is that amount of taxes, what would allow lowering the price of the device and popularize it slightly. Of equal way, unknown why Tim Cook is putting both interest in sell in the India, meanwhile, in Spain continue with a unique bank available for Apple Pay.

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