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The new app from Apple Clips, only works on 64-bit devices

A few days ago after the remodelling of the Apple website to add new 7 network iPhone and the new iPad, also saw as the Cupertino kids were about to launch a new app called Clips, an application with which we can create fun videos to share on social networks or messaging applications. Yesterday was the day chosen by the company to release it officially, an application that is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, but unfortunately not all models today are compatible with iOS 10, both the 5 /5c iPhone and iPad 4 will have already been without the possibility to make use of this application.

Throughout the year, Apple is paying special attention to applications that are only compatible with 32-bit processors, today in fact has created a section in the settings of the device, showing all the apps that today still not updated and can cause performance issues on the device. Also if they are not updated prior to release of iOS 11 chances are that Apple removed them directly from the App Store.

But what really worries here is that iOS 10 could be the latest version of iOS received 5/5 c iPhone and iPad 4, since these devices are the only ones with 32-bit compatible with the current version of iOS. IPhone 4 got out with 7 iOS updates. The iPhone 4s stayed outside with iOS 9. If we follow this line of updates, iOS 11 should be the last iOS 4 iPad and iPhone 5/5 c compatible, but everything seems to indicate that the current version of iOS, the number 10, will be the last received support from Apple, a movement that is strange since iOS 10 works very well on these devices for the years that have but partly logical if the guys at Cupertino want to focus only on the devices of 64-bit.

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