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The “new” iPhone 32 GB 6 returns for sale in Asia

In this case we have a somewhat strange news and more if we take into account that devices of the company catalogue is not that it is scarce, but on this occasion we have on the table is a “new” device, Yes, say new by the model of the iPhone 32 GB of internal memory 6 did not market , this model is put on sale with capacities of 16 GB, 64 GB and 128 GB of internal storage. And it is that it is very well now you rise to sell the model a couple of years, despite the fact that many of us we do not understand it very well, but it is important to highlight that they have expanded their space up to 32 GB at least…

It seems that Taiwan Mobile is the operator chosen for the distribution of these “new” iPhone that will have exclusive and unique the golden color of the device and that the change would cost about 45 dollars approximately for a period of 30 months. In this way users that don’t want to buy the new models like the 6s, 7s or even iPhone, will have access to this unique device. In any case sales are already initiated and the users who already live in China can access them.

Everything suggests that these iPhone will not go outside the borders of Asia and is that in United States for example, the iPhone 6 model found in some shops retailers for about $ 300-400, but obviously they do not have the 32 GB of internal storage that we find in this new version for Taiwan Mobile. Neither rule out that they may do the same movement with earlier devices as the iPhone is a time release the next model or a revamped version, who knows? What does seem clear is that these 6 iPhone will not come out of Asia.

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