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These are the advances of the Apple Park a month from its opening

April is the month marked by the Big Apple to begin migration of employees from the Apple Campus to the Apple Park, which will last more than 3 months. The progress of the construction in recent months is being incredibly fast. Today we can see progress in a new video to view of drone, in which we see builders finishing tasks in the main buildings. It is now both eliminate the mounds of Earth with plants and trees that give the Green touch to the campus and, on the other hand, both end communication to enter the Apple Park as the connection between the various buildings within the campus.

Apple Park ready for the migration of April

The light and the expansion of the California landscape fascinated to Steve. It was his source of inspiration. And the Apple Park reflects this perfectly. In this campus so bright it would have reached great achievements, as Apple employees will make it

These were the words of the widow of Steve Jobs, happy with the work that has been developed during these years. There are many videos to view of drone we see every week, and in each we see how advances in a work as big as the Apple Park. On this occasion the youtubers are Matthew Roberts and Duncan Sinfield flying a DJI Inspire 1 above the building.

In the video we can see how will continue implementing solar panels in the main building is almost finished that will fit more than 13,000 employees. On the other hand, the Steve Jobs Theatre is already finished and is covered to not reveal the interior until its opening.

As we have already mentioned sometimes, Apple Park will be powered entirely by renewable energy as micro-rejilla plates capable of generating more than 15 megawatts of power which, together with the plates located in North Carolina, will make the campus stays afloat.

We can also see that they are starting to plant trees along all the Apple Park since employees will have more than 3 kilometers to stroll in their free time, and to have a good ecosystem, nature has to be present, so as suggested by Steve Jobs.

Image – Duncan Sinfield

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