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Tim Cook recalls Steve Jobs which would have been his birthday 62

Made already almost 6 years of the death of Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple, a company that has seen its power was increasing little by little, have been many emblematic devices that have been launched, and why not say, much of what is now Apple is Steve Jobs, the person who did change the way of seeing things a lot of people.

Yesterday, Tim Cook, current CEO of the company, after the loss of Steve Jobs, tweet an emotive souvenir of his partner Steve Jobs who would have reached the age of 62 years of February 24, 2017. And not only that, then you teach the tributes that are being made from Cupertino great Steve jobs…

Remembering Steve, whose words and ideas always we inspire.

There is no reason not to follow your heart.

As you know, Apple recently released the theatre of the new Apple Park, the new offices of Apple, will bear the name of Steve Jobs, something that was fairly obvious. And to continue commemorating its founder, Tim Cook published the tweet that you have copied, in addition, Apple has created a special website where we can write whatever we want in memory of Steve Jobs figure, something like a book of condolences.

The website,, offers us an email which can rewrite to our messages to appear on the wall of visits. A beautiful dedication to Steve Jobs which will no doubt cause many fans of Apple company thank lor much to the philosophy of Apple has changed their lives. Let’s look at the other tributes of the company Steve Jobs, the inauguration of the Apple Park and Steve Jobs Theatre safe that does not leave us indifferent.

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