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Tim Cook warns: we will see more things in the professional area

If you think in origins of a company like Apple, or rather in the type of users using Apple products more than 10 years ago, even a little later, you will be with me when they were products which focused especially to the professional field. Those were other times for technology, and it is true that PCs and Windows in particular were in its golden age. Professional field that the PCs were also living their golden age of malware, viruses in general, and clear in a professional environment can not play with this issue. A professional environment Apple dedicated to that great products but it seems to not be today in the crosshairs of Apple since they have lately focused products to all over the world, without the need to enter features very pro, which also have…

Something that has worried many professionals, but yesterday after a meeting of Tim Cook investor fears were calmed. Yes, Apple is going to continue making products for the professional area. After the jump we told you everything he has said Tim Cook with respect to all Apple products destined to the professional area, especially to the creative area…

We will see doing more things in the professional area. The professional area is very important for us, especially the creative area is something that matters enough.

This is the first thing that Tim Cook said after a series of questions concerned on this subject of the professional field in particular. Tim Cook said that not everything is the Mac Pro though, as he says, they will continue to work in this type of product professionals and not too late will have big news. Do not let the professional market, make great professional products, and know that professionals like.

What we have done and what we are doing and still be visible today, does not mean that our priorities are in other markets.

It was long before the question of a possible convergence between iOS and MacOS, but it said that the fusion of both would make that is you lose the simplicity of iOS and Mac OS power, something in which I fully agree, are not the same product, and although want us to sell the iPad is the new laptop , I see impossible to transform MacOS (shared with PCs) by workflows workflows, to which we are all accustomed, IOS.

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