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TVShow Time is made compatible with iOS 10 and added functions


TVShow Time team continues to update its wonderful application. For those who don’t know, with it we can more exhaustive tracking of our favorite series, among other things can be alert to the schedule of releases, keep statistics of the seen chapters as well as know how long our lives have invested in see series, procrastinating on the couch, our favorite sport. In short, the popular television content tracking application has been updated to welcome iOS 10 and some new features that some users had been demanding for some time.

Also lament by having had that eliminate the bar of “activities” since was collapsing them servers, however, have returned to implement. They have also announced that they are working on a revamped version, which will be exclusive premiere for a few weeks for the “Premium” users, but that will come sooner or later to normal users.

Unfortunately, the widget was causing many errors in iOS 10, so this has been one of the aspects that have improved with respect to absolute integration with the latest version of our favorite phone, the iPhone operating system.

The application is translated to the English, Arabic, German, French, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish, while the notes of update them make always in English, so not have fear to download them. The application as you know it is free, however, to include a premium version with added functions that passes cost € 1 per month. It is compatible with any version greater than 9.0 iOS IOS and weighs just 7, 64 MB. I personally recommend it, since it is the application that I use to keep my series, above all because it is cross-platform and served in all my usual devices. Of form general has some 4.5 star in the iOS App Store, which gives clear faith of the quality of the development in the application.

TVShow Time, TV guide para adicto de series (AppStore Link)
TVShow Time, TV guide for series addict

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