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Twitter announces new tools to make the social network more secure

Social networks are meeting places for millions of users where every minute are published millions of messages, sent thousands of photos and hundreds of thousands of gigabytes of information exchange. Such amount of information networks that each moves ever more comprehensive it is focusing on developing tools for the protection of privacy and the promotion of safety . Now it is the turn of Twitter has announced a series of updates from the network to reduce the level of abusive content and help the user a better experience when you can access to your timeline and the ecosystem of the social network.

Safety is the priority for Twitter

Weeks ago releasing new updates that made the social network of 140 characters a safer place. Added tools that could report abusive tweets, stop account creation abusive, avoiding that they come to the abusive or irrelevant, low-quality tweets timeline, a way of keeping vision focused on the aspects that each user wants to.

The safety of Twitter today goes far beyond. Leaders of the social network have noticed a good feedback on this update and have taken to the conquest of safe practice to protect users with a new batch of tools of protection and prevention of abusive elements. You can check it with the testimony of Sinead McSweeney, one of the leaders of the social network:

Our unique and open platform will remain so; open to all points of view and positions. Now, more than ever, we are excited about the role of Twitter to amplify voices from every corner of the planet. We operate at a good pace, learning and updating while we build a stronger Twitter

One of the objectives of Twitter is to identify accounts related to abusive, so have developed a series of algorithms that allow to detect this type of accounts automatically. From now on, the social network limited capabilities to these accounts for a while since they violate the rules. In addition, they ensure that they are working hard to improve the algorithms since, they say, sometimes commit errors and they accuse normal accounts with abusive content that do not have.

New notifications filtered by content

Twitter is also adding tools for notifications of application screening. Within a few weeks, users can block notifications of certain accounts with some peculiarities:

  • Which do not have a profile picture
  • Which do not have email or associated phone number

This tool, is coordinated with the already added a couple of upgrades, which allowed to mute certain words that appear in tweets. With these tools for prevention and safety promotion, Twitter wants users do not receive unpleasant information nor does not receive requests or notifications from users that have nothing to do with its ecosystem or don’t want to have the type information that promote certain accounts.

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