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WhatsApp update, but not that we are waiting for

whatsappHe last Monday I advanced that today Wednesday is launch a update of WhatsApp very important that us would allow make video calls. Well, the Wednesday update has already reached, but the most widely used messaging of the planet application has given for making us wait a little longer and let off an option that it had been enabled by default in the first betas of WhatsApp 2.16.13.

Today’s update is that should enable us to videollamar, but nothing else see it in the App Store and install the new version, I went to see if there was the new icon for the video and no, calls are not available. In fact, in the description of the App Store have used the same list of new features of the previous version, although this is a common practice in the application now owned by Facebook for many versions.

Video of WhatsApp: the Friday?

It certain is that the latest betas of WhatsApp returned to disable the video calls by default. It is possible that have sent another version that has them enabled that it should be available on Friday, but it is also possible that it is today the version that is going to allow you to do what you are waiting so long. If is gives the case, the option is activated remotely, i.e., not there will be new update, but the option will be shown when “le den to the button”.

On the other hand, is update also could get with some other surprise. Remember that to WhatsApp you like play to the mouse and to the cat with the news included in the last version of your application. Long ago wore that of “Bug fixes” and now put on the list of new features we could already do in the previous version. If you find anything new in today’s update, please do not hesitate to leave it in the comments.

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