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Yalu Jailbreak is updated by adding support for TSMC 6s iPhone

Yalu jailbreak iOS 10.1.1Luca Todesco has announced on his Twitter account that has published a patch or update of Yalu Jailbreak that adds support for iPhone 6s, iPhone Plus 6s and iPhone IS with TSMC processor. These three devices in addition to those who were already compatible with Yalu, which from the beginning were 7, 7 Plus iPhone iPhone and both iPad Pro. But update only adds compatibility with new devices and the software is still in beta phase, by which those who only know to what are they should use it.

Todesco warns that there is a “pretty serious bug in Yalu, a bug that you would like to settle before adding support for more devices. He famous hacker, that since the launch of Yalu has started to be it by good reasons, warns to them users of your tool to do the jailbreak to iOS 10 that avoid use Yucca Utilities and any other “substrate enabler”.

Yalu Jailbreak is updated, but it is still in beta phase

There is a pretty serious bug in all the betas of Yalu which I would like to repair before adding more support. […] Fun fact: all the enablers susbstrate function badly. And there is a real way to do well unless the bug which twitee be repaired. Full disclosure: actions ijapwhatever00 completo made my journey less willing to complete Yalu.

Although it said 10.2 in the 6s iPhone and previous iOS was vulnerable to its tool, the hacker says that “nothing will happen to 10.2 unless you pass something extraordinary“. What it said is that it would add support for other devices, like the iPhone 6 or the 5s, having installed iOS 10.1.1, but that “it is not a priority“.

If you want to jailbreak your iPhone 7, 7 Plus, 6s, 6s Plus or iPad Pro, you can follow our Tutorial to jailbreak iOS Yalu 10 + Cydia Impactor.

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