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YouTube videos now open directly in the application, at last…

That courage that give us the applications that are poorest developed, especially those belonging to leading software companies. One of the main champion of this type of methods, especially in iOS, is Google. If it has already cost him go slowly including faculties of the 3D function Touch to your applications such as Gmail and Google Maps (widely used in iOS), now it’s on YouTube. The application of popular video content of the planet now directly open the links on YouTube in the application, thus enabling users to enhance the experience and data consumption, saying goodbye to the web browser.

This is certainly something that many applications come doing for quite some time, the intelligent link accompany iOS since a long time ago, but Palace things go slowly, if we understand to Google for Palace, and an eternity as a synonym of slowly. In short, as better late than neverGoogle today announced same this new feature through the notes of update of the iOS App Store application, such as:

In order to improve the viewing experience, now YouTube links open in the application rather than in the browser. If you prefer to see them in the browser, touch arrow > right top

If novelty is negligible, but taking into account that it is YouTube, many will come great, since thanks to being able to play the links that we find on the internet directly in the application, we will be able to leverage its capabilities when it comes to recommending content, store the historyl, comment on videos and much more. We take this opportunity to remind you that TodoApple is YouTube channel in full expansion that the team’s current iPhone has for you, subscribe.

YouTube - ve y comparte vídeos y música (AppStore Link)
YouTube – see and share videos and music

Google, Inc.

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