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7 iPhone will begin selling in Argentina officially but at double the price than in the U.S.

We are all clear that Apple products are not economic but as happens with other products, prices vary depending on the country where they are marketed. In this case we have the case of the new iPhone that is will go on sale officially in Argentina from April 7, while it is true that there are several companies that will add it to their catalog of available smartphones the first to announce it officially has been the operator Claro. The rest of the operators also added 7 iPhone to their catalogs, but at what price?

As the title of this article the price of iPhone in Argentina 7 will be twice as expensive for what you are selling in the United States, for example in the case of the model with more capacity and performance 7 Plus 256 GB iPhone will cost about 25,000 pesos 30,000-35,000 pesos, i.e. practically double the price marked on the United States. The same 7 Plus 256 GB iPhone can be purchased without tax – around a 7% and 10% depending on the State where is made the purchase-about 969 dollars, that would be a 15.400 pesos depending on the areas of change.

Of course these prices are approximate waiting for official confirmation, but indications suggest that these are the prices for the iPhone. In this case also known that clear it will have the iPhone available 6s and prices thereof will be something cheaper as compared to the latest model of the firm’s Cupertino. The important thing is that they will at least have the option of purchasing the iPhone directly in the country although its price exceeds by far the retail price in us.

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