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“Facial recognition” of the Galaxy S8 unlocking jumps with only a photo

Facial recognition is something that iOS users know for some time, the application pictures bringing all our devices pre-installed. Within it, we can easily identify our contacts, since the facial recognition system will group us their pictures. However, Apple did not want take so far this system, so it does not allow you to become a release system. Perhaps taking advantage of this passivity, the South Korean Samsung has decided to present a release system for facial recognition, however, has left him as well as the fingerprint reader that included the S5 Galaxy.

In the video that we leave then, we can see how Marcianotech companion performed during the presentation of the Samsung Galaxy S8 first unlocking security tests for facial recognition in the mentioned device, and the truth is that the feelings may not be worst, with a simple picture you show him with another device, you can quickly access your device Goodbye, privacy, good-bye safety measures. The truth is that this type of functions which are presented as a novelty and you really are so sloppy, upset us all and do not benefit anyone.

All this makes us remember how Samsung was launched to rush a hint of integrated in the Samsung Galaxy S5 fingerprint reader, because of course, the competition already presented it on their devices. The result was catastrophic, the majority of users obviaban to use it due to how little and evil that detected the trail and proceeded to unlock.

And it is of little or no serving as having a quality fingerprint reader, as it is that of the Galaxy S8, if you accompany it with a security hole so fat as it is the unlock for facial recognition. Seems that will be the 100th function of TouchWiz users deactivated.

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