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A reddish tint on the screen of the Samsung Galaxy S8 revives the controversy of Super AMOLED panel

As with every launch of a new device of this size, they begin to sound alarms with the S8 Samsung Galaxy Super AMOLED screens. We only have to look back to see the “antennagate” iPhone 4, the better-known “front Crescent” 6 iPhone and thus a huge list. On the other hand, Samsung was engaged in a rather more serious controversy last year, the Galaxy Note 7 spontaneous explosions and its subsequent withdrawal from the market. Because the Galaxy Samsung S8 was not going to deliver, begin to appear some models in Korea of the South which have problems with the tone of the screen, showing a pale reddish.

5s and the iPhone are few iPhone users 6 complained because of the yellowish tones that could present some of the units. Something like you is going to Samsung with its Galaxy S8, but at a level that we had not seen now, a reddish tone in his acclaimed Super AMOLED panels which again stoking the controversy as to whether the LCD panels or LED panels are better. The reality is that in this area the new Samsung’s Super AMOLED panel still reigns, that seems to offer much lower consumption, colors more vivid and above all much more realistic black.

Because in South Korea forums specialized in issues such as PPOMPPU and other types of social media, photographs showing reddish tones on the Samsung Galaxy S8 panels are becoming more popular. But not stop the presses still, apparently this bug is rather due to software, and technology that Samsung has included on their devices to adjust panel tones to the environmental conditions, as well, although many users are unaware of it, this problem can be solved by adjusting the “Balance of colors” settings section. In short, they already start the news about the failure of the new flagship of Samsung, and what remains to be seen.

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