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All the innovations that will bring iOS 10.3

Yesterday Apple released the first Beta of iOS 10.3, a version coming mid-year, and as it is usual in Apple, includes quite a few new features, many of which are visible to the user, others invisible but that improve the experience of using your device. Find my AirPods, new menus settings, Siri and Carkit improvements, improvements in the App Store… A long list of changes that we will then show you with pictures and video.

Search my AirPods

It is undoubtedly the most striking novelty of this new version 10.3 Beta 1. A new option that we see integrated within the application find my iPhone and that will allow us to find our AirPods thanks to the location on the map and what we can do to issue a sound to locate them more easily. To make use of this option, it is necessary that the AirPods are out of its box and in addition to the scope of a device with your iCloud account.

Not is is therefore of an option valid if of truth is we have lost our headphones in the street or them have left forgotten in a bar, since not have connectivity own and need of a device to which connect is for to use this new function. But if we have left them in a coat pocket or it has crept between the cushions of the sofa, then it can help us much.

New menu of your account settings

The system settings bring new options, and one of them is going to greatly facilitate and manage different aspects of your account. When you enter the settings, at the top of the menu, presiding, you will find a new menu with your photo in iCloud. Hi you will find settings for security, modes of payment, email, shipping address… as well as all the devices that you have associated with your account.

Also within this menu, you will find options iCloud, and a new bar that shows how much we have occupied our account in a very visual way, and are the elements that occupy more space, thanks to the different colours that each have. Apple has brought together in a single element everything related to our account, and the result is pretty good.

Weather maps and widget for Podcasts

Other innovations include the new widget to the native application of Podcast, with the covers of those you have pending listen, offering you the possibility to hear the podcast only touch on the corresponding cover, unless you have to open the application. A point in favor of the native application that recovers some lost ground with something so simple yet so comfortable with third-party applications. Maps also has some improvement, as the ability to view the weekly weather forecast just 3D Touch in the lower right corner, showing the current conditions.

Other improvements

New APFS file system faster, reliable and safe, and to be universal for all Apple devices, iOS and tvOS both macOS also is included in this version 10.3, and a long etcetera which we can highlight the improvements of Siri and CarPlay, floating keyboard for iPad (hidden for now), the changes in the system of reviews of the App Store that will allow the developer to respond to the comments of users, and new animations to open applications. And we are only in the first Beta, so there may be more news.

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