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Good news for owners of an Apple Watch: SiriKit is on its way

Siri (SiriKit) en el Apple WatchIt is likely that that have a Apple Watch surprised with the holder of this post, since we can summon Siri in the Apple clock with the command “Hey, Siri” or by pressing and holding the Digital Crown. But what we can do with the Apple Watch and Siri has nothing to do with SiriKit, the SDK from Apple that, among other things, allows us to control third-party applications from the Apple virtual assistant.

A quick explanation of what is SiriKit would say what it does lack is to send a WhatsApp asking Siri, or start a Runtastic training from the clock without having to launch the application manually. As you can see, will be a major update that Apple has already announced that it will come with the launch of watchOS 3.2, in all likelihood the next version of the operating system for Apple smart watches.

SiriKit will allow us to manage third-party applications with the voice from the Apple Watch

watchOS 3.2 is not yet available or for which developers can try it, but Apple has already announced that come along with this version, as a theatre mode and film mode that we told you about makes a couple of hours. Precisely in this information also can read the following:

watchOS 3.2 includes SiriKit. Users can ask Siri from its Watch Apple that book a trip, send a message, make a payment or make other requests that your application can manage.

Applications that provide services in specific domains can use SiriKit to make those services available through Siri in watchOS. Make your services available requires to create one or more extensions of applications that use the Intents and Intents UI frameworks. SiriKit in watchOS support services in the following domains.

  • Messaging
  • Payments
  • Travel booking
  • Training
  • Calls
  • Search photos

To learn how to add support for SiriKit and give users new ways to access your services, read the SiriKit Programming Guide.

If I am not mistaken, the list of the type of applications that may use SiriKit in watchOS is the same list of the types of apps that use the same SDK in iOS right now, so we can ask the same version of Siri of the Apple Watch that to the iPhone or iPad. What is clear is that watchOS 3.2 will be a major update to vera the light at the end of March or early April. The wait be worth?

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