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Android was the OS more vulnerable during the year 2016

Lately the issues about the privacy in them devices mobile are more to the stands that never, however, them users seem to not be so aware to the respect as them professional. We find that in sites as Spain, Android governs with majority rather than absolute, almost total, leaving is with nothing less that the 93% of the Park mobile Iberian. However, the data of them specialists in security contrast with the attitude of those consumers. According to the latest analysis, Android was by far the system operating more vulnerable during the last year 2016.

It has been the CVE Details team who has seen fit to share your publication. But quiet, because the bar of the bar continues to the stands, above all when know that Debian Linux occupies the second place as regards vulnerabilities with a total of 319 vulnerabilities, and in third place goes less that Ubuntu (another branch of Linux), with 278 vulnerabilities.

Google operating system has been the Palm, almost doubling the second in discord, with no mines to a total of 523 vulnerabilities.

However, it is important to also mention that Apple is neglecting with their operating systems, while that iOS stays in 15th listing, we can find macOS X in the eleventh place with 215 vulnerabilities, a few more than its direct rival, Windows 10, which is the fourteenth place with 172 vulnerabilities were found this year.

An interesting change in comparison with this same list if we look at the past year, where macOS X crowned the podium with nothing less than 444 bugs, followed closely by a mythical name, Internet Explorer that took the prize in the year 2014. But the important thing is that all companies working for not being there, we continue Meanwhile, questioning the work of Google in it comes to its mobile operating system.

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