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Camtinerary Trip Planner, free for time limited

Before the advent of smartphones and app stores, which have always traveled had to resort to costly travel guides to Miss absolutely nothing. He problem not were to the time move us of a place to another following the route more short and quick and that also us allowed see it more interesting of the city in question. But thanks to smartphones and applications intended for the travelers, we can make use of them as a unique tool for planning our trips at all times, calculating throughout the time that we use in move, either on foot, by bus, by car…

In the App Store we can find several applications that will help in this task, but today we are talking about Camtinerary Trip Planner, an application that can download for limited time in the App Store and has a regular price of 4.99 euros. Thanks to this application we will able to organize even the smallest detail itinerary, knowing at all times the time that we are going to use to get to the sites, to take advantage of the day as much as possible. Also if you are user of Apple Watch, are of luck because this application also is compatible with the smartwatch of Apple, what us will prevent have that take in all moment the iPhone to know towards where have that direct us.

This application requires as a minimum of iOS 10 and is available completely in Spanish. If the screen of our iPhone is us is small, can make use of it with our iPad without any type of problem. Camtinerary Trip Planner obtains the greater part of the information that us shows of service of Yelp, Foursquare, Expedia, Michelin and Trip Advisor, information that is complemented by photographs of Flickr and Google Street View. Also is compatible with applications of the State of the traffic as Waze, Google Maps, Citymapper, maps of Apple and Yandex. As see this application is intended for to take advantage of to the maximum all the resources that internet puts to our available.

Camtinerary Trip Planner - Hoteles, Restaurantes (AppStore Link)
Camtinerary Trip Planner-hotels, restaurants

Cam-Built Programming Plus, Inc.

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