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APFS, the new Apple file system will begin its deployment with iOS 10.3

APFSIn the last WWDC, the last Conference of the Apple software, Apple told us about something called APFS, a new file system of the company which, in theory, should improve the performance and security of their operating systems. Now, eight months later, we know when, or rather, what operating system you can begin to test the new file system, and that operating system will be iOS 10.3.

Among the list of what’s new with the next update of spring of iOS, a few versions that we remember that they tend to be important by coincide with the middle of a cycle, it is the implementation of the APFS, stands for Apple File System. The new file system is optimized for use in Flash or SSD memory and includes a stronger encryption, copy-on-write metadata or copy writing (Wikipedia), sharing space, possibility of cloning files and directories, catches, quick change of the size of the directories and major improvements in file system.

APFS will begin to be available from March

Although the update should not be different from any other, Apple considered upgrading to iOS 10.3 may be slightly more dangerous for our data, it recommended:

Upgrading to iOS 10.3, your iOS device will update your file system to Apple File System (APFS). This conversion will retain the data existing in your device. In any case, as with each software update, is recommended to create a backup of the device before upgrading.

What will we notice when we update? In a beginning and something that already are noticing users who are testing iOS 10.3 beta 1 is that the speed of the system will be higher. To learn more, although the list of improvements is important, still have to wait a little time. It is likely that the Cupertino publish new information in the future. What you you called more attention of the possibilities of APFS?

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