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Tests begin to add ads to Facebook Messenger, the next WhatsApp

Facebook social network is the largest in the world, no doubt, but it is not an NGO, is a company that like any other need of income in order to keep both servers as the jobs. It may not make many users no grace having to fight with ads to see the comments of those who still, but it is the only way to enjoy such services for free. A few days ago Facebook began to include ads on Instagram stories, ads that depending on the length of the stories would be more or less duration.

It now appears that has touched the turn Facebook Messenger, the messaging platform that is currently just below WhatsApp in the classification. According to the social network, Facebook has begun to test the inclusion of ads on the platform of messaging in Australia and Thailand, ads that will allow businesses to show their advertising just under Favorites and the most recent talks.

According to the company, any user will see no ads within conversations if they have not previously pressed upon them. This is all very nice, but the facts show that Facebook lies rather than speaks, and it is likely that over time, the conversations that we maintain with our friends, known or family are filled with ads. Something that will happen sooner or more also with WhatsApp, a service with more than 1,000 millions of users that must be profitable either, since several countries banned the company share users with the social network data to target advertising.

Facebook says that these is a way to which shops you can get in touch directly with the users of the platform, to build a quality brand image and focus more effectively sales. Currently, Facebook displays ads in the Feed of users, ads by clicking on them, open the Messenger application to get in contact directly with them.

Facebook said in the same statement, Messenger users will have full control over this new experience in such a way that they may hide or get information about the quality and amount of advertising that is displayed in your application. Time advertisers will not have the opportunity to get in contact with the users. Of time the tests are are performing in Australia and Thailand as have commented more above between a small group of people. If tests go as planned, the social network will gradually expand the number of countries where the Messenger advertising will start to become a reality.

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