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Apple increases the price of applications in Mexico, Spain and rest of Europe

Every time Apple updates prices of applications in the App Store, based on the change to the dollar. Normally the guys at Cupertino expected by end of year for the increase or decrease of prices, but from little more than one year ago, Apple has no problem in making these changes when it comes in wins. The new prices they will enter into force at the end of the week that comes and will affect all European countries alike, regardless of the value added tax is applied in each country.

Throughout the day yesterday, developers began to receive an email from Apple that you could read this new increase, an increase that will affect only the price of the applications and the integrated procurement. At no time will affect the price of subscriptions that renew automatically. In the same email, Apple advises developers that may change the price of subscriptions at any time through iTunes Connect, offering them the option to continue to maintain the price they currently pay.

IPhoneAddict web site, has shared a list with the new prices that have applications from the coming week, week in which shall enter into force the price of them. In this way the more entry price to buy any application will be 1.09 euros, showing an increase of 10 cents, from 0.99 euros. Applications that previously cost 1.99 euros, will go to 2.29 euros, which cost 2.99 euros will be cost 3.49 euros and so on. As we can see the higher is the price of the app, highest is increasing its will suffer the same.

At the moment we do not know which will be the increase in applications in Mexico, but let us know as soon as, we will share the information with our Mexican readers.

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