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How to send pictures in its original resolution via Telegram

After the arrival of Telegram to the market, many were users that we began to use this application, because of the advantages offered by us compared to WhatsApp. Telegram allows us since its inception to send any type of document, regardless of if in our smartphone we have an application that allows you to open the document, since it is cross-platform we can use it on any device, smartphone, tablet, or PC. During the first months, Telegram allowed us to send our reel in original resolution images, without losing quality or resolution at any time, but with the passage of time, it adopted the same tactics that other applications, reducing the size and resolution for sharing them, with the only motivation to accelerate the process.

Fortunately Telegram continues to offer us the option to keep the resolution and quality of the images that we have captured with our device, thanks to the possibility of offering us the option of sending files, regardless of the format you have.

Share images in original resolution with Telegram

First of all must bear in mind that this process should do so through the application, without making use of the option share offering us iOS reel.

  • Once we are in the conversation in which we want to share the image we headed up to the clip located in front of the text box where you write.
  • In the menu that opens select file.
  • Then select photo or video
  • Now we only have to select the picture you want to share in the original resolution and click on send.

This option also supports videos, but we must bear in mind that due to the resolution in which is recorded, if the duration is very broad, the size will be considerable and will not be recommended to send it through this platform. In this case it would be best send it through Apple Mail Drop, which allows us to send files up to 100 MB of mail.

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