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Apple introduces new Apple Store in Dubai with some impressive windows of carbon fiber

The opening of an Apple Store is quite an eventabout the Apple company flagships that inspire all the philosophy of the brand. And is that every detail of the stores, very basic are like them that they can be found in shopping malls, is thought carefully, since the floor tiles, tables and shelves on which each product of the company is based.

And precisely today on April 27, the day of opening of the new Apple Store in Dubai, isan incredible Apple Store designed by the team of Foster + Partners that hides in its interior probably the world’s best and latest technology. Today we bring you precisely one of the most interesting details: your windows…

As you can see in the previous gif, these new windows are a mobile shop part, operate automatically opening and closing according to extreme changes of climate in the area, all in order to Acclimate the inside of the tent. Built in carbon fiber and classic Arabic geometrical pattern.

To mitigate the extreme climate of Dubai, Foster + Partners designed 18 windows of 11 meters and a half motorized, Solar wings, which respond to any change in weather conditions in the area. When the Sun is at its highest position and the temperature on the street is higher, these windows cool the interior of the Apple Store, the afternoon open for welcome and allow access to the terrace. By the traditional Arab Mashrabiyas Inspiradas (the famous latticework with geometric mosaics), each “wing of the Sun” this made with 340 carbon fiber modules which together make one of the world’s great artistic installations.

If you’re lucky enough to visit the capital of the giant of the Gulf, Dubai, do not hesitate to go through this new Apple Store in the United Arab Emirates, only to see the performance of this incredible system of air conditioning I think that it is already worth…

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