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More evidence of the dual-vertical camera on the iPhone of 2017

And I throw because I played with the rumors. They are increasing and seem between them, the reality is that the iPhone iPhone tenth anniversary Special Edition, or 8 or whatever they call it, must necessarily be a twist in terms of design. With the arrival of the Samsung Galaxy S8 and its spectacular front panel, the Cupertino company is going to be forced to make a major facelift to its ship logo if you don’t want to lose market, and especially after res years of continuity. Is therefore that the schemas that are filtered and which seem quite real, begin to present a device that certainly would revolutionize the Smartphone market.

This scheme worked pretty well that we have left in the photo of the entrance leaves us two very interesting clues and an assumption that we will discuss at the end. The first is the vertical camera, goodbye to dual horizontally, now we have two cameras one over another, separated by the dual flash. Thus assumes that Apple intends to let us create best audiovisual content when using the device in a horizontal position, which is really how everyone should record the videos.

Another paragraph, is that oval that appears in the middle of the device and could be without a doubt the basic component for Wireless charging, another of the most demanded features in recent years to Apple phones that the company fails to implement. And finally, this scheme does not show by no means any kind of fingerprint on the rear sensor, but if three anchors in the lower area, where would be the hardware responsible for the TouchID, would want this mean that Apple has managed to finally implement the TouchID on the screen? Continue dreaming…

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