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Apple lowers considerably its system of referrals and affiliates

As you know many, the network it is possible to place a series of links that allow users to redirect to a specific content, usually shopping online or payment software. In Exchange for posting these links, users who make it would receive a small amount of the purchase in the concept of “concerned”. However, seems to be that Apple more and has less interest in this type of content, so has informed users that will significantly reduce the percentage of Commission members will receive for each purchases that make your referrals.

Thus, so far Apple was paying a Commission of 7% of the total of each purchase to users who were subscribed to the affiliate program and published their links with concerned. However, all this will change significantly, now that this Commission is going to be reduced to much less than half, down to a bargain 2.5% that can remove many desire to carry out this kind of practice. So far, these affiliates could link to content from iTunes like movies and music, as well as iBook Store books and applications of the iOS App Store, not to mention of course subscriptions Apple Music.

And so it will remain, the affiliate program will not be affected in terms of services, just the amount of money that the developers receive or affiliates will be considerably reduced. Know the cause that has motivated the Cupertino company to make this decision, perhaps they think every time they need less of this type of promotion, and it is that if something is not missing at all to Apple is advertising. However, some regular users of this system will see their earnings reduced brutally. Not explained if really rate will be updated to all affiliates, or only to join them that from now on, we will expand the information as soon as we have it.

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