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Apple wants to build all their products with recycled materials

Year after year, Apple obtained the maximum score of environmental organisations in terms of the type of energy used, recycling that makes old products and energy using their facilities, both where it manufactures its devices where they are manufactured. To demonstrate its commitment, the new facilities of the Apple Park, only shall be managed by solar energy. It has also obtained the necessary permissions so that the excess energy that generate their solar panels can sell it on the market. But Apple’s future plans go far beyond.

In the latest reports of environmental responsibility, Apple ensures that you want to fail to obtain the products necessary to make their devices of the Earth and all the products it manufactures will with recycled materials.

Climate change is undeniable. The Earth’s resources are not infinite. And the technology should be safe for people who makes it and uses it. We do not dispute these facts.

A regret that Apple begin to manufacture their devices with recycled components, at the moment they don’t know how to do it.

It may seem crazy, but we are working on it. We want a supply loop line. Someday we will be able to manufacture new products with recycled materials, including old devices.

Says Lisa Jackson, environmental policy of Apple, currently a small part of the components that are used for to manufacture the iPhone are recycled. The aim of Apple s combining high quality materials that can be recycled with those objectives of products that consumers have returned for recycling.

Currently 96 percent of all the energy they need Apple facilities spread all over the world come from renewable sources, 3% more than last year.  In addition seven of its biggest suppliers have ensured that before the end of next year they will use this type of energy to manufacture or assemble the despotic designed by Apple in California.

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