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Apple met with producers of Paramount and Sony last week in Hollywood

2016 has been a great year for audiovisual content in streaming, a year in which many users have become aware of the results obtained to pay for quality content and streaming. Yes, it is true that much of the blame that already does not matter we pay is the accessibility to these contents, already no need to watch a film or series in a computer, there are many televisions that have applications from the main services of video streaming, and at the end this greatly facilitates things that end up passing through the ring to pay for quality content. Stay behind the piracy, which continues and will continue to exist, but thanks to the quality of the contents that are being distributed, it makes it easy to subscribe to one of these services.

Apple has made movements in this field, they were the precursors of the sales of digital music with iTunes, a business that refused to be changed but that ultimately ended up becoming Apple Music. People no longer want to be proprietary content, want to have access to all content. And it seems the plans to release an Apple Music Video go ahead… A few weeks ago has seen several guys at Apple talking with producers from Sony and Paramount in Hollywood…

Throwing the news the guys at the New York Post, Eddy Cue, Vice President of Software and Apple’s digital services, seems to be leading the procession of what could be the next Apple Video. And all indications are that the role model is the model of Netflix, not interested buy rights to something that already exists but create own quality content. Something that is working you to wonder Neflix and that seems to be the goal of Apple.

And we already see how Apple is venturing into this production, Carpool Karaoke and Planet of the Apps are their first raids. But given the relevance of the company in the world of creation is not surprising that in a few years (do not think that they will take much) surprised us with a new digital service full of content as movies and series. We will see in all this is that…

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