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Apple sends his apologies to those affected by the errors of the iCloud stores

Last week thousands of people suffered a major fall in iCloud service. Although the data remained in the same place, received mails from the Big Apple stating that your storage planning was going to expire, or was going to be suspended. At that time unaware of the reason for which these emails were being sent, but it was clearly a mistake by Apple. Today, has been sent deliberately a new email to those affected by the problem in which the Apple service apologizes for the problems that have passed the previous week. And, although apologies are there, not left to see clearly what were the reasons why thousands of people thought for a moment that their accounts would be suspended.

An error caused the stir of the iCloud storage plans

Wanted (person),

(that has) recently received an email indicating wrongly that the iCloud-storage plan has been suspended. Your iCloud 200 GB storage plan is not affected and will continue to auto-renew.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. If you have any questions, please contact us.

This email has been sent to all those who received incorrectly mail which is spoken by Apple. Today, service iCloud both data store as all apps that connect to the service is fully operational and as we can see on the official website of the State of the system from Apple servers.

The uproar caused by the sending of the first e-mails has made many people asked responsibilities to a company as large as Apple with a used as service as a cloud of data. Most of the people who own an iDevice or a Mac have iCloud as a cloud service, and if they have hired some storage plan, it is likely that they have experienced problems last week. In the case of not having any problem, will not have the email in your Inbox. And, on the other hand, although they are fixing the problem, there is the possibility to appear different types of problems throughout this week again. We will keep you informed.

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