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Apple will announce the results of the Q2 2017 on May 2

Apple, as well as technology’s other competitorsit is a company with a large number of investors who are concerned about the future of its investment in the company, i.e., in the end everyone who invests a quantity in a company does with views to grow this and your investment also do so. That is why the announcement of results is probably the most important “test” which can be found a company, already does not talk about predictions or sensations before the presentation of a product, talk about actual results…

And so as we’ve seen the force with which came an iPhone, or the reception of the new MacBook. No, of Apple Watch never said anything… And is the time in which the guys at Cupertino tell us as they have gone the first four months of the year 2017, the Q2 2017 (recall that the last quarter of 2016 is taken into account in the fiscal year of 2017). And Apple has just published on their website investment that will give us to know these facts of the 2017 Q2, financial results after Christmas, may 2, 2017.

Here see especially as Christmas with the iPhone campaign ended 7-7 plus, in addition to the reception the new MacBook Pro with Touch Bar. And expected big data, Apple could have had a profit of 51.5 billion dollars, and 53.5 billion (speaking in American billion), with a margin of 38 to 39 per cent growth.

So if you are of those who like to keep abreast of all the financial results of Apple, results than boys as we bring lots of data about the where and where it is going the company, you just have to wait a few days to get this information. Obviously if you are shareholders of the Apple brand, you can not miss this Conference for shareholders. I will give you all the details as soon as we know next Tuesday, may 2, 2017.

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