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Get the Nike + and Hermes watchfaces without buying their belts

One of the reasons to do with the original straps Apple is precisely the amount of “watchfaces” that we offer depending on the type of belts that we acquire. As you well know, straps in Special Edition as they are the Nike + or those manufactured by Hermes are accompanied by a series of this type of content for the Apple Watch, thus is “they dance” with the strap that you are wearing. It is really strange that Apple isn’t willing to offer its entire range of areas for free and without more, but don’t we have another that opt for the Jailbreak, the classic method to do whatever we want and without asking for our Apple devices.

Actually the content key is always on the iPhone, we have to jailbreak. If I have done this is an interesting tweak. If you don’t have it made, nor does seem an idea so appetizing to do it, but that will be your choice, the jailbreak is the only thing that gives us is freedom and more options that are not available in iOS so far.

To begin we have to ask ourselves with SpecialFaces, an interesting tweak and which is available on the following repository: You know that we must add the repository by clicking on “Edit” and then click Add within the navigation bar on Cydia.

Once you have installed the entire package only we have to restart the device to find available all new areas within our application Watch Gallery basically. Among the most interesting we find the Nike + and the Hermes, special editions. While it is true that these areas are not necessarily innovative, and that there are other methods to create interesting areas, never hurt to have news.

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