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ByeByeHUD, another way to display the volume control on your iPhone (tweak)

When we are enjoying our favorite game or a movie, if you want to raise or lower the volume, appears in the middle of the volume display the HUD, occupying the greater part of it and preventing us from enjoying the game or video without having to pause it if or if. For now, it seems that Apple does not intend to change this HUD, but at least it has given power to developers so that they can adapt it to your applications. The first who did it was YouTube, by placing the volume control at the top of the screen, so that does not interfere in the video that we are playing.

But if you want all applications to show us the same interface when it comes to show the volume control, and also enjoy the jailbreak can make use of the ByeByeHUD tweak, showing three different alternatives so we select which is more suited to our needs. Similar to YouTube, the volume control make happens to be at the top, in the status of our bar device.

Within the ByeByeHUB configuration options, as I have commented more above, we find three options for configuring how we want to display the volume control:

  • Minimal view: shows us a percentage of the top-left corner of the bar State, just showing the signal Wi-Fi or 3G / 4G of our device.
  • Bar View: The volume level is shown in bar stood at all the State Bar, above all the items that are displayed normally.
  • Slider View: all status bar becomes the level that shows the volume of our device.

ByeByeHUD is available for download for free through the BigBoss repo and is compatible with jailbroken devices running iOS 8, 9 iOS or iOS 10.

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