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Castro is updated using enriched iOS 10 notifications

After the recent update of Overcast, with significant changes in design and the inclusion of rich of iOS notices 10 and that I had in this article, Castro did not wait and just with a few hours of difference was updated also using these new notifications of iOS 10 but giving you a special personal touch. Now from the own notification of a new podcast available we can decide what we want to do with it, and also from the iPhone or Apple Watch.

Castro used a system peculiar to manage podcasts, making it as if they were emails and prioritizing according to your preferences. When you subscribe to a podcast you can decide if you want to automatically include all the episodes in the playback queue, or if you prefer to have them in the Inbox, waiting for you to decide if you want to be download or not and go to your playback queue. You can also subscribe to a podcast but neither happens to your Inbox, but that stays as filed and you manually look that one episode that you want to hear. Because everything that you can configure by using rules to make automatically now in addition you’ll have within reach of your Apple Watch with your iPhone using notifications.

So even if you have set up automatic rules you can skip them if you so wish when you receive a notification. As you can see in the image the notifications also include the description of the podcast, not only the title, something really useful to know what is the episode and decide what to do with it. While there is no application for Apple Watch, something to be put on the list of “must” of Castro, notifications that come to watch with the same options as in the iPhone. All in all a great upgrade that makes it even better to this application. You have available for iPhone in App Store for €3.99, without version adapted to the iPad.

Castro: Podcast Player (AppStore Link)
Castro: Podcast Player

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