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Confirming the purchase of Pocket by the Mozilla Foundation

Pocket App Store

Yesterday my colleague Miguel put us on notice of the intentions of Mozilla to take over the service Pocket, a service that allows us to store articles for later reading from any device, since it is cross-platform. Until a year ago, we found three applications of this type on the market, but Readability closed since it couldn’t find the formula to return the service. Instapaper abandoned paid subscription system a few months ago and is currently completely free. The only one that maintained a subscription system today has been Pocket, a system that probably, after the acquisition by Mozilla stop to be operational.

As we can read in the official announcement that Mozilla has done, Pocket will join Mozilla portfolio with a new line of products to promote the discovery and the accessibility of high quality web content. From several threads on Reddit stated that they could they release all the code of the platform following its licensing policy.  Currently integration of Pocket with Firefox is perfect, something which does not happen with other browsers, but it is likely that with the passing of the months improves substantially.

At the moment we do not know the price that has been able to reach this agreement of sale, but according to media such as ReCode the full amount of the purchase would be located between 14 and 15 million dollars. We do not know if both Nate Weiner and 25 engineers who were giving support to the different applications and extensions available in the market will become part of Mozilla, although it is to be expected. Pocket is currently used by 10 million users and with the passing of the years, it managed to overcome to Instapaper, which although it came after Pocket managed to overcome it quickly

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