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Find the song you want to listen to with Songbot, free for a limited time

A few weeks ago began circulating a rumor claiming that Apple might be forced to add a radio chip for American users to start using the iPhone, just as it does with most terminals Android, for listening to the radio. This decision did not pass through the hands of Apple, they were institutions of the country who could force her. But while Apple implements it or not, to listen to our favorite radio station, but we use a music service in streaming, we must make use of applications that allow us to listen to the radio via the internet.

Fortunately in the App Store we found a large number of these applications, almost all of them of payment, such as that we showed today, but which fortunately is available for download for free for a limited time. Songbot has a regular price of 0.99 euros in the App Store and allows access to over 90,000 of FM and AM radio stations worldwide that broadcast their content in real time. But we can not only listen to our favourite music, but that in addition we rperform searches by our favorite artists to listen to the stations where they are issuing their songs.

The search is performed in all stations that are broadcasting in is time and provide information of the artist, information that will show us the name of the album, the cover and of course the name of the song. Songbot in addition, stores a history of all the searches that we have done to make them again without having to retype them. Thanks to Songbot we can listen to any song for free without having to pay for a music streaming service, but logically not offers us the same libertas than these. If you can not pass without your favorite radio station, Songbot is your application.

Songbot: On-Demand Talk Shows & Songs (AppStore Link)
Songbot: On-Demand Talk Shows & Songs

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